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Honeyberries (or haskap berries) are our new favorite fruit here at Slow Rise Farm!  They look like an elongated blueberry and taste like a cross between a raspberry and wild blueberry-what more could you want in a fruit?  They are native to the northern hemisphere, popular in Russia and Japan.   They are full of antioxidants and make a beautiful deep purple Slow Fruit!  Our honeyberries are grown by Waldoberry Farm in Waldoboro, Maine.  They specialize in growing neutraceutical berries (berries with nutritional and medicinal benefit potential).  The apples in this slow fruit are organically grown by Super Chilly Farm in Palermo, Maine.  Each package is 0.5 oz, contains 4-5 strips of slow fruit and is packaged in a cellophane bag. Product is good for AT LEAST 1 year from date stamped on back.

COMING SOON! Apple and Honeyberry Slow Fruit

    blueberry pint close up.png

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